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residence originates among the marginal politician

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research studies done on urine therapy and allergies,
practitioners such as Dunne and Wilson used ***drops with excellent'
results. Refer to these studies for directions and again, begin with
one or two drops and then gradually increase the number of drops, or
as Wilson suggests, take the drops until you can no longer sense the
urine taste or temperature. If you know what your allergies are, take
the drops before eating a food that you're allergic to; if you don't
know what you're allergic to, take several drops of fresh urine
immediately upon the appearance of symptoms, and repeat this method
each time the symptoms reoccur. Homeopathic urine preparations, as
described by Dr. Dunne, are also excellent for allergies, as you can
preserve the urine collected at the height of allergy symptoms for
long term treatment of the allergy. See the section on preparing
homeopathic urine.

Food Poisoning

Several of the research studies show that urea is a proven anti-
bacterial agent (Drs. Schlegel, Kaye, Weinstein etc.), and urine has
been found to contain antibodies to food contaminants such as
salmonella bacteria in infected individuals (Lemer and Remington).
Begin by taking 1-5 drops. Increase dosage as tolerated.


Fasting on urine is an excellent therapy that can produce
extraordinary results, especially for intractable diseases and tough
chronic conditions, but always work into a fast slowly. Begin with
***drops for two to three weeks, increase your dosage to 1-3 ounces
during the next two or three weeks, and begin fasting the following
week. E