ROL NEWS--EMRR Sponsors Rocket Contests

ROL NEWS--EMRR Sponsors Rocket Contests

Post by rol » Sat, 31 May 2003 01:51:54

EMRR Sponsors Rocket Contests
May 29, 2003
Web posted at: 12:39 PM EDT

(ROL Newswire ) -- Essence's Model Rocketry Reviews (EMRR) has activated two
new web site contests:

1) "Virtual" Rocket Contest 2-Stage
2) "Odd-Roc" Photo Contest

The first contest is EMRR's 2nd "Virtual" Rocket Contest. Contestants will
submit RockSim files of their rockets and have them flown "virtually" in
RockSim to determine the winner. Many wonderful rocketry prizes will be
awarded. Entries must be submitted by March 9th. Winners will be declared
July 20th.

There are specific design requirements to qualify and four events that your
rocket will compete in. You need a DEMO or registered version of RockSim
(Apogee Components) to participate.

The second contest is another in a series of EMRR's Photo Contests. This
time it is focused on Odd-Rocs. Photo entries, per the contest rules, need
to be submitted by July 13th.

In addition to contests, EMRR has just announced its new revision of "EMRR
on CD". Purchase the CD and enjoy EMRR even when you can't get connected
online. It is also a great resource for scouts, teachers, and clubs.

EMRR also just implemented an online Chat. It has been integrated into the
site and is up-and-running.

Details regarding these contests may be found at .

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