Aim For The Moon - model rocket contest

Aim For The Moon - model rocket contest

Post by Richard Fou » Sat, 30 Jun 1990 22:02:34


>Could you test the Clarke theory on vacuum while you're up there? There
>are several stories (2001 among them) where his protagonists have to go
>out the airlock without space suit, and I know many people on the net have
>speculated as to what would happen if it was REALLY done. [...]

So what is Clarke's theory?  Is it anything like the effects portrayed
in the movie "Outland"?



Aim For The Moon - model rocket contest

Post by Donald Heske » Sun, 01 Jul 1990 02:48:31

Long, long ago...about 1965, if I remember correctly, NASA conducted
some experiments in which dogs were exposed to high vacuum.  The
results support the idea that, while it would probably be no fun, it
would be possible to survive exposure to high vacuum.  The dogs were
exposed to high vacuum for about a minute, with no permanent ill
effects, as I remember.

If you have access to a library at an Air Force base or at a
university aerospace engineering department, you might try finding the
original article.  It appeared, I believe, in the industry magazine
"Missiles and Rockets".  I'm pretty sure I no longer have the original

Oh, one other point: the dogs were NOT, I think, exposed to explosive

On the related point of the "explosive" decompression scenes in
"Outland", I'm afraid they are total bunk.


Aim For The Moon - model rocket contest

Post by mccar.. » Thu, 05 Jul 1990 13:00:17


>>+PS  Has anyone calculated what a space shuttle solid rocket booster is on
>>+    the "model" rocket scale?  Seems like it will be something like 100 "Z"s
>>+    but I don't have the data for the SRBs.

>>     I worked it out once; as I recall they're close to ZZ's.

>>        John DuBois

The following calculations are based on lift off thrust, since that's the data
I've got. Actual milage may vary, but bear in mind that a factor of two is only
one letter off.

           11,800,000 Newtons thrust
      x           132 Second burn
        1,557,600,000 Newton-seconds total impulse
      /         1,280 Newton-seconds (size of J engine for reference)
            1,216,875 Times J engine
    Log(2)         20.xx (20-21 steps beyond J engine)

        Puts the SRB at the low end of EE, if the scale goes:

        A B C ... Y Z AA BB CC ...



Aim For The Moon - model rocket contest

Post by Daniel Rub » Wed, 11 Jul 1990 03:17:34

I just started reading this newsgroup and it looks like I picked the right
time.  I haven't messed with model rockets in a long time but this Aim For
The Moon thing sound like fun.  In my opinion there would be alot of legal
and safty reasons prohibiting the launching of a model rocket (more like
I full fledged rocket) that would hit the moon, but.... what if the contest
was more general like the name states.  What if the object was to get      
a model to the moon any way you can.  Think about using a balloon to raise
a platform high enough to eliminate a lot of wind resistance and thereby
reducing the amount of rocket power needed.  You could even use model airplane
engines to lift the rocket to the outer limits of the Earths atmosphere,
have it drop off and light the rockets for propulsion for the rest of the
long journey. The contest could actually be organized and the main event
could be held on a particluar date.  I think the only rule sould be you can
not spend over $1000 to complete the task, this would make it very tough and
only the crafty would be able to complete the task, also many people would be
able to participate. This whole thing could be organized right from this
newsgroup !!!!!

                                                        - Dan Rubin