Re NAR - TRA Merger?

Re NAR - TRA Merger?

Post by JJirvi » Sun, 04 Dec 1994 03:20:24

(Greg Smith) writes:

launch by definition, since we strictly adhere to both safety codes, but
the person asking usually means that they want to fly much larger rockets
than are safe in our field, use uncertified motors, or both.  They have
learned this behavior from the many other launches in the area which are
held under whatever safety rules suit the organizers at the moment, rules
that may or may not have much relation to the writte safety codes.

Jerry> This is indeed both what I was bringing up and what I have
witnessed first hand.  And if I may be so bold as to offer up an
explanation.  NAR launches for the most part adhere to a strict set of
rules which make provision for rejection of certain motors, rockets,
flights, flyers.  TRA and so-called HPR launches which are loosely held on
the TRA model such as my Fest(tm) launches dispose with most if not all of
those provisions and a self-regulating atmosphere prevails.  Rejections
more often than not occur only as a result of peer pressure.  I would also
be so bold as to state the first model is better in terms of safety and
legal compliance and should be implemented in an enforcement rich world.
The second scenario is better for maximum participation and launch rate
and diversity but thrives in an enforcement deficit environment.  Thus the
term wild west.

Just to make you go hmmmmmmmm.