PR: Online Custom Rocket Service from Rocket Vision

PR: Online Custom Rocket Service from Rocket Vision

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The long-awaited Custom Rocket Suite is now online and active at!

Our Custom Rocket Service allows you to create your own rocket kit from
our library of quality stock parts, get on-demand stability
calculation, and see a graphic of your rocket change as you make design
choices. Over eighty kit combinations are possible! Buy your custom
designed kit and within two business days it will be on it's way to you
in a professional kit bag with assembly instructions. Prices for custom
rockets are comparable to that of our Pro-Designed Rugged-Rockets and
are based on the components you decide to use. As you add and remove
components the price will adjust automatically.

We're putting the power of Rocket Vision's manufacturing facilities in
your hand.

What's your rocket vision?

Make it a reality by visiting:

And this is only Phase One of the Custom Rocket Service. Phase Two,
which will be released late this summer, will add 2 more airframe
diameters, more nosecone shapes, more fin designs, and transitions.
Thousands of unique rocket designs will be possible with these
combinations. Phase Three, due in early 2001, will allow expert
designers to take advantage of our computer-controlled tooling to go
beyond stock components.

For more information, please see our website, drop an email to

officially in the office from 9am to 5:30pm weekdays, Pacific Time (but
don't be too surprised if you call on an evening or weekend and someone
picks up the phone).

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