rubber band powered rockets

rubber band powered rockets

Post by Scott Li » Sun, 14 Jan 1990 08:37:55

>In 1971 I ordered a *** band powered rocket through Edmund Scientific
>Company.  I haven't seen their catalog in many years, so I don't know
>if they still have it.  This rocket was made of polystyrene, and came
>equipped with a parachute.  The launch mechanisim was a foot controlled pad
>and a hand held sling.  The sling had a pair of large *** bands that came
>down and hooked into the rocket, while the base of the rocket was hooked into
>the launch pad.  To launch it you stretched the sling over your head, and
>slowly let your foot off the pad.  The rocket would slide out of the pad
>holder and go whizing over your head, releasing itself off of your ***
>band sling on the way up.  600 feet sounds about right.  I seem to recall
>something about a piggy back glider that came with it, but I can't remember.  

Yes, I had two of them, and one of them is still around.  It even had a method
to delay the chute deployment!  If you weren't careful, it would become
ballistic on the way down :-(.

The "*** bands" were more on the order of surgical tubing, like that used
in sling shots.

It was made by Quercetti (sp?), an Italian company.

I don't remember ever seeing anything about a glider which could be attached.

Scott Linn