Corian and my lathe

Corian and my lathe

Post by R. J. Talle » Fri, 25 Dec 1998 04:00:00

I can see that the use of Corian got some people to thinking. I really don't
think Corian is very useful in model rocketry. It is far too heavy without
offering anything special in return. I just wanted to see if it were
turnable on this little lathe, and, it is.  I thought that if really small
parts were needed and accuracy was important, perhaps Corian might provide a
solution. Well, it might, but there are better substitutes.

Thanks for all of the input though. One of the best things about RMR is that
one can float an idea and have some of the sharpest minds critique that
idea. From these criticisms comes progress.

Thanks for the ideas.

Reece NAR 69594