Ins & Outs of scrapbox

Ins & Outs of scrapbox

Post by Katri » Wed, 22 Dec 2004 10:47:18

Allrighty, here's a list of everything I took out and one of what my mom
found too. Also the stuff that went back in.
5 fibers, 7 stickers, 2 emb. tags, 3 punchies, 1 template, 1 bag plain
tags, 9 8.5x11 paper/cs, 3 charms, 30 12x12 paper/cs, 1 12x12 vellum
4 emb. tags, 1 die cut, 1 bag eyelets, 2 packs buttons, 2 bags plain
tags, 1 bag brads, 1 bag sequins, 2 shakers, 3 paper piecings, 2 bags
glitter, 1 pack templates, 1 set: border & two tags

Now here's my mom's list...
3 stickers, 1 die cut, 1 ribbon, 1 bag bows, 12 8.5x11 paper/cs
2 die cuts, 2 stickers, 1 paper piecing, 2 overalls

This box has all kinds of goodies in it. The best one yet. Heaviest too.
I did my part to lighten the load though. Don't worry ladies, there's
still plenty of paper to pick from. Thanks to M-C. <grin>

Jessica, I'm going to try and find the cheapest way to ship and it'll be
on it's way. I'll e-mail you a conf.# once it is.

Katrina in KS