OT: GIGI, my sweet NSSSS!

OT: GIGI, my sweet NSSSS!

Post by Angie in St. Pet » Wed, 12 Sep 2001 05:31:48

So this morning I get up, all stuffy and crabby and grumpy, oh my!
And I drag myself out the door and to the office, where I promptly
frighten all my co-workers with my *** disposition, constant
sneezing and wheezing, and rattling cough.  I finally e-mail my boss
and say "You owe me some time...I need to take it before I start
deliberately breathing on people just to assure I don't have to deal
with them for a few days."  In her infinite wisdom, she said "See ya."
Then I stand in line at the bank...and again to drop off some film.
And I arrive at home to find THE BIGGEST ENVELOPE I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY

My DARLING NSSSS, Gigi, made my day!  I got a HUGE envelope, chock
full o' goodies:

School Days paper book from HOTP
A Wilderness page kit from CM
Suzy's Zoo stickers
BAGS and BAGS of punchies and die cuts
Two idea leaflets from CM
MORE stickers from CM
Border sticker set from Stickopotamus
PAGE BAGS from CM!!  How cool are those?!?!?
And a gorgeous card, hand-made by Gigi.

Thank you, GIGI!!!  It couldn't have arrived on a day when I needed to
be cheered up more than today!