OT: My wonderful, intuitive, awesome, DARLING NSSSS!

OT: My wonderful, intuitive, awesome, DARLING NSSSS!

Post by Angie in St. Pet » Sun, 15 Apr 2001 23:57:44

This is the exact e-mail I sent to MY NSSSS, NanaKay (Okie), about
receiving my Easter package in the mail yesterday:


Subject Line:  I was bad...very, very bad...

Okay...I fell from grace.  I tried to be strong.  I had done SO WELL
with my SB package, which had been here for almost two weeks.  Then,
your package arrived.  And see, I had GUESSED my SB, so she gave me
permission to open early.  AND I got a package from Club S***
yesterday with two back kits that I had ordered.  And I guess I was
just in a "rip open the darned boxes already" mood...and I couldn't
control myself.  And I must admit to feeling only a small pang of
guilt, which was IMMEDIATELY overwhelmed by the pure JOY of what I
found inside the box.  Besides that, when I shook the box, it
rattled...and of course, you MIGHT have sent something breakable, and
how could I *not* open the box, in good conscience, just to ENSURE
that the contents were secure?  <G>

You are incredible!  I LOVE VELLUM!!  Wanna hear something funny??
You know how we buy stuff for others that we'd like to have?  Well,
when I put together the box for my SB, I bought this beautiful printed
and embossed 12x12 vellum, thinking "One of these times, once I
*really* get into my 12x12 album, I've gotta go back and get myself
some of that, 'cause it's so beautiful."  Well, MY SWEET NSSSS (that'd
be you!) sent me the same vellum that I was going to go and buy!  And
I *LOVE* the *** stamp...so don't be surprised if you get a card,
REAL SOON, that I use it on!  And since I'm going to a "desk job,"
those post-it notes with my name are going to come in really handy!!
And that PAPER PACKAGE!!  OH MY GOD!  I plan to do my
heritage album in 12x12 format (if I ever get those pictures from my
mother), and I'm going to use that ENTIRE package in MY album!  And I
love ANYTHING from "Me and My Big Ideas," and those heritage
stickers/photo corners will be PERFECT!!  And CANDY!!!!!!  Chocolate
bunnies and a Cadbury CARAMEL egg (did I tell you that was my FAVORITE
Cadbury egg variety??) and the Milky Way bunnies, and the Butterfinger
stuff!!  I LOVE IT ALL!  I *did* share my Milky Way bunnies with
Scott...I gave him one while *I* was eating the other one!

I love my package, Kay...you really picked stuff that I'd have bought
for myself because I wanted it!  EVERYTHING was awesome!  I had
already planned to buy the vellum, and I had looked at the MaMBI
heritage stickers, thinking "I'll get those once I start my heritage
album," and I have SUCH a rough time finding anything with "Angie" on
it (always "Angela," never "Angie"), and I'm a *** stamp NUT...it
was all perfect.

Thank you...I love ya!