Model Train Magazine Index is back online

Model Train Magazine Index is back online

Post by Jeff Scher » Fri, 06 Mar 1998 04:00:00

The Model Train Magazine Database is back online.

You can reach it through

Since the last update we moved from hosting at to hosting
provided by Accurail. Please let the folks at Accurail know you appreciate

Over 16,300 articles from american model railroad magazines are now indexed.

March 1, 1998 updates include:

- Big thanks to Richard Beckwith for providing a spreadsheet containing
indexes to most of the issues of Mainline Modeler - these index entries have
been included in this update.
- Jack Hune sent me a load of magazines that were duplicates in his
collection - these issues have been added to the index.
- Paul Clayton faxed me the table of contents pages for a bunch of RMC
issues from the fifties that I didn't have; these index entries are now
included in the database.
- Additional improvements to the query parser to offer better link to
alternate search suggestions when the search criteria entered do not return
any articles.
- Additional keywords and synonyms for many keywords.
- A number of people have volunteered to either enter data or send me
photocopies of the tables of contents for magazine issues I don't have in my
collection, so hopefully I'll be adding more issues and articles to the
database soon. If you'd like to do the same, let me know.

As always, I look forward to your feedback as to any ways I could improve
the site and make your searching more successful.

Jeff Scherb