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Post by Paul Voelk » Fri, 06 Mar 1998 04:00:00


>I have a non-modeling friend that recently sent me the following message.
>anyone have any ideas on how he can get these developed?

>>>I came across a box of
>negatives that date back a few years.  I got home from the Navy in early
>1946 and the rumors were out that Union Pacific was going to junk all of
>their steam engines.  A friend convinced me to take pictures of all of
>the engines in our area.  I have about 15 4x5 black and white negatives
>of the engines in the yard at Nampa, Idaho.  All of that is gone now ..
>just a few old tracks remain.  I also found a picture of the "Portland
>Rose' passenger train crossing a small tressel near Boise.  I talked to
>the engineer, promised him a picture, if he would make some smoke for me
>as this was an area where they were picking up speed.  They normally
>crossed that area at about 70 mph.  I got out there before they arrived
>... as I remember, it was an 8000 series passenger engine.
>Anyway .. these are black and white negatives.  My developing stuff is
>long gone and no one around here will make B&W prints.  Have you any
>idea if train buffs would be interested in these negatives?

In a word, yes!

As to developing, it may take some searching to find someone who can do
the developing. I ran into the same problem with some of my uncle's SP
4x5 negatives. If you can find someone with a big enough enlarger you
can make a carrier out of cardboard (that is what I did when I was in
school) to hold the negative.


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