GN Color Schemes (passenger)

GN Color Schemes (passenger)

Post by John R » Thu, 30 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I'm trying to put together a representative "Empire Builder"  in Green
& Orange (prototype modeling of N-scale passenger is not simple).

I'll be using F3's & F7's for power.  In reading I've discovered that
the GN passenger power had silver trucks.  None of the photos I have
are clean enough to show the difference.

My questions are:

What color is the fuel tank on F units in passenger service (late 40's
and early 50's, if that makes a difference).

Do the E7 units have the same color scheme below the frame?  (In case
LifeLike ever releases these)

When did GN paint the E7A units with the whole front end in Orange?