Kadee Couplers on Life Like E8

Kadee Couplers on Life Like E8

Post by Mr. Bl » Wed, 01 Mar 1995 21:01:14

What should I do to install Kadee Couplers on a Life Like Proto 2000 E8?



Kadee Couplers on Life Like E8

Post by David Redmo » Wed, 01 Mar 1995 23:37:45

My solution to this is as follows:

Front:   Use #34  (short box, underset coupler) mounted with a 2/56***drilled and tapped in the rear of the two holes in the E8
        mounting tab.  This fits just fine with the freight pilot, but requires cutting off the hose  with the passenger pilot.  You could      
        experiment with further forward mounting and also consider the #37 Kadee which I believe is a little    bit longer underset    
        shank or a #31 which is a long underset shank.. Using #34's there is a problem with the hose on cars to which you couple if
        you run back to back and couple to the front of the trailing locomotive.  This depends on exactly how that hose is bent, but you
        may want to cut all your hoses half off.  They actually look better that way anyway.

Rear:   I chose to remove the entire coupler mounting rig and mount #5's in a Kadee box on a styrene pad glued to the E8 frame.  If
        you position the coupler box in alignment with the rear of the shell, you will get a coupling distance that brings the diaphragms
        into contact for back to back lash-ups and runs fine on all curves on my layout (24" min radius).

A good reference on Kadee couplers can be had at http://www.FoundCollection.com/~wes/model/kadee.html

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