Rottenstone for simulating rust

Rottenstone for simulating rust

Post by H?vard Houe » Mon, 05 Nov 2001 21:25:06

In several articles I have come across the use of "rottenstone" for
simulating rust (Especially in "NG &SLG").
As far as Ive been able to find out "rottenstone" is crushed volcanic
stone used for polishing wooden furniture (or something like that).

But is rottenstone supposed to simulate both the color and texture of
rust, or do you have to stain it to get the correct color?

In some articles there is no mentioning of coloring it, but in others
the rottenstone used is of a grey color that has to be stained.

Anybody with experience using rottenstone for rust?

Regards, H?vard H.