ALL... Tip: Something for nothing, Sawdust

ALL... Tip: Something for nothing, Sawdust

Post by bChuc » Sun, 26 Apr 1998 04:00:00

If you're modeling the prairies, you /need/ to have straw!  In fields, in
feedlots... Sawdust from stuff like 2x4 should work great!

You'll also need grain!  For silos, Grain elevators, Grain Cars, on the
tracks around any of these things and for train wrecks.  Fine sawdust should
work just fine.

The saw dust from that pressed wood fibre bulletin board material (you know
the stull that more like really thick (1/2") coarse paper) comes out a
little bit darker and kind of like clumps.  Looks like you should be able to
use this stuff for small brown ground cover or bushes.  Maybe even to model
winter trees with their leaves still on!

Just some thoughts.  We're in a major reno project at work & I've got a big
box of the stuff, just waiting for me to use it!

Benjamin Barby (Q)

We were knocking out walls too!  I bet that the broken cinder block walls
would work great for talus or large scree!  And we sawed through some walls
too, but I think that cinderblock dust is just a little too fine to be of
any use (except for as a pigment maybe?.....)