Chat, Search & More

Chat, Search & More

Post by Tarun Tul » Wed, 19 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Geendee Innovative Model Railroads ( is inviting
you to visit our one of a kind web site.  Our site includes things such
as  :

- LIVE CHAT - You just need your web browser and you'll be able to talk
to other model railroaders via the WWW in real time!  We have scheduled
chat times every night at 9pm EDT but you can come chat whenever you
like.  Click CHAT LIVE on our main menu.

- SEARCH - Search through our database of over 300 model railroad web
sites just like you use Yahoo or Webcrawler, except we ONLY index
railroad web pages.  Click SEARCH on our main menu.

- DOWNLOAD - We have the LATEST shareware and freeware railroad software
available for download via our FTP server.  Click DOWNLOAD FILES on our
main menu to log into our FTP server.

- FREE CLASSIFIEDS - We offer FREE classifieds to non-commercial uses on
our web page.  You can post questions, sell or buy or anything else
about model railroads for others to read and reply.

- GUESTBOOK - We have a VAST guestbook that hundreds of model
railroaders have signed from around the world.  You can search our
guestbook for people with similar interests/ect and be able to contact
them to talk about it.

We also offer extremely LOW COST advertising to model railroad
companies.  Click ADVERTISING on our main menu for more information.

We invite you to visit our site at and discover
what we offer.  
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