We have added LGB to our site

We have added LGB to our site

Post by SecondhandMarklin.co » Sun, 03 Feb 2002 01:43:43

There is a lot happening on the SecondhandMarklin.com website.

First of all, we have added both the Marklin HO and European Railway
web-rings. For the Marklin HO web-ring if you dont read German just
click on alle and then click on the individual websites to view them..

The European Railway web-ring is HUGE.  There are over 480 sites
connected to the web-ring.  You will find it extremely interesting.

Second, at the request of some of our users, we have changed the name of
the MAXI category to1-Gauge/LGB.  For those of you who had items
listed under the MAXI category, please re-list them under the 1
Gauge/LGB category.

Third, we have added, just for fun, a very unique Online Model Railroad
you can build and run.  It comes up as a DEMO and from there you can
construct you own layout.

Fourth, because we are getting so many people logging on from other
countries, I have added a bi-directional translator.  English to:
German, Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Fifth, hopefully I will have the German language site finished by

Lastly, Marklin Sellers are Wanted.  If you have any used or extra
Marklin or LGB items to sell list them on http://SecondhandMarklin.com.
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