FS: Prototype Books

FS: Prototype Books

Post by hu.. » Fri, 12 Sep 1997 04:00:00

I have some interesting books on prototype railroads for sale:

o 36 Miles of Trouble- by Victor Morse. 1959 copywrite. Documents the
  saga of the West River RR in Windham County, Vermont. You think you
  have problems, read this book! $7 shipped.

o ***ia and Truckee- by Beebe and Clegg, 1949 copywrite, 1980 edition.
  This railroad lasted 80 years. Nice photos and history of the line.
  $11 shipped.

o Grand Canyon RR. Gerber, 1990. Guide to mileposts, explorations,      
  history, scenery, ghost towns, wildlife, and railroad equipment.
  $5 shipped.