Proto 200 Dummy Re-powering

Proto 200 Dummy Re-powering

Post by Doug Cost » Sat, 04 Oct 1997 04:00:00

Has anyone tried to power a dummy Proto 2000 loco eg E7B? Is it a
matter of swapping body shells or would there be more involved?


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Proto 200 Dummy Re-powering

Post by Dan A. Curri » Sat, 04 Oct 1997 04:00:00

This was the reply that I received to my query

I did this conversion (E-7 body on E-8A chassis.) The hardest parts are
getting the inside of the E-7 shell clear of obstructions and the
trucks. This means removing the 4 posts that support the E-7 body shell
to clear the E-8 frame. You'll have to scrape the interior sidewalls
smooth and give up the opening side doors. (Did you ever think you might
actually open them...what a waste of tooling.) I cemented the doors in
place with strips of .005 styrene around the inside of the frame. An
Exacto chisel blade got most of the stuff out of the way and I used a
dremel burr at slow speed to smooth the posts after I cut them with a
rail nipper. Once you have the inside of the shell smooth, it just sort
of sits in the right position. Mine is still loose, but stays in place.
The biggest hassle is the truck side frames. You'll have to remove the
E-7 sideframes from the dummy and substitute them for the E-8
sideframes. They are held together by staples and I tried mightly to
avoid disassembling them. But, there appears to be no alternative and I
finally took the plunge. Guess biggie...just reuse the staples
or use brass wire as replacements. What will make you crazy is the
journals popping out as you fit them over the axle ends. They snap back
in (be sure to get them right side up) but I did mine inside a gallon
ZipLock to be sure they didn't get away. I used McHenry couplers and so
far, so good. I remember watching the NYC units running as mixed sets as
a kid. My A(E-8)-B(E-7)-A(E-7) set will pull every model car in the
county and still pull the wallpaper off the walls. It is overkill, but
WOW! Good Luck.

I have not yet tried this as I am still building my layout, but sometime
in the future I will