Post by terence robert slyw » Tue, 02 Mar 1993 23:59:48

I am creating a database of people who are interested in contacting
people in other countries (or their own for that matter).  What I
am doing would work in two ways.  First, if someone wanted to
contact a person with similar interests anywhere in the world to
find out more about the people and culture of the area I would send
them the name and address of someone who meets their search
criteria.  For lack of a better comparison, this could be described as
a 'pen-pal' of sorts.  Second, people could contact me (e-mail, mail,
phone) to search for specific people -- someone that has knowledge,
interest or background they are looking for.  For example a skydiver
>from Canberra might be interested in talking to a pilot in

Paris, a soldier from France could contact one in Leningrad, a
student working on a research paper about life in China
could contact someone living there, any people interested in the US
could contact others here.

A couple things, the database could be accessed only by people who
are members, who have sent in the appropriate info as requested on
a  questionnaire.  The idea is to get the 'regular' citizens of the
countries  together - housewives, doctors, laywers, students,
construction workers,  educators, anyone and everyone.  Most charter
members do have access to electronic mail, but out plans are to
expand the members to include a maojority of people who do not.
 These people would communicate via regular mail, telephone or fax.

I am looking for two things at the current time.  First, people who
are interested in participating as a database member.  Second, I am
asking people to contact others in their area who might be
interested (whether they have e-mail access of not).  As I said I am
looking for anyone anywhere to participate - friends, co-workers,
family members, etc.  I am hoping that people who get this message
by e-mail will know large networks of people who might be

This idea is a new one and I am in the process of compiling a list of
interested people who will be sent the information and
questionnaire when they are finished (approx. 1-2 weeks).

If you are interested please notify me and tell others about the idea.  
If an interested party doesn't have access to a computer I mail the
information to them.

This program is for people who want to communicate with those in
other countries.  By being part of the database member could contact
you with questions you might think are trivial - or people wanting to
know as much as possible on a specific subject, you or your country.
I hope everyone will be interested.  Please send e-mail to me
directly at:

Thank you

Terence Slywka