Installing DCC, Just Do it

Installing DCC, Just Do it

Post by Donald Lod » Mon, 01 Feb 1999 04:00:00

I've just installed Digitrax Empire Builder on my layout and was amazed
how simple it was. Two wires to the accessory posts for power. I am using
12 volts AC from an existing pack, till a new transformer arrives. One
wire to the common ground and one wire to one of the rotary positions.
About twenty minutes to install a decoder in a P2K loco and I was up and

The installation of the Loconet will probably take two-three hours, when
it arrives, mostly in mounting the panels on the fascia, as the cabling is
all plug in.

Its like they say. If your trains run well with conventional dc, then DCC
will be no problem.

Don Lodge