Off-Topic, Don't Read

Off-Topic, Don't Read

Post by Jeff Scarbrou » Mon, 21 Sep 1998 04:00:00

This is just my rant, (the other individual "forgot" to post his reply

Nameless Individual wrote

>    Do they ever, in email conversations asking them to hold down the
>noise level they refer to themselves as the "regulars" are are
>completely convinced that everyone else just loves to wade through
>hundreds of their "Duh Haggis, ha ha" ***messages every week.  Of
>course since putting them all in a kill file they have ceased to matter
>much to me any more.

And I replied:

>Was that in English?
>I want to be in your kill file too!

To which N.I replied:

>??? What was it you didn't understand, too many words above four
>??? Who gives a shit what you want?

Well, obviously you do -- you cared enough to reply...

This is the level of civil discourse apparently advocated by the
"Off-Topic Police"

Jeff Scarbrough                      Athens, Georgia
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Off-Topic, Don't Read

Post by Jonathan O'Conno » Mon, 21 Sep 1998 04:00:00

For HIM, it's a higher level.
You should also take that into account when someone insults you. For the
person insulting you, it may be a compliment based on how they think of
If that fails just realize their mother didn't bring them up right.
Plus you have to realize that this anti-off-topic complaint stuff is the the
ONLY post many people have posted. It's like calling the TV station and
complaining that their favorite TV show, that they had their heart's set on,
was pre-empted - TV being purely passive. JO'C