Steam model Locomotion - seeking UK and USA dialogue

Steam model Locomotion - seeking UK and USA dialogue

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From : Adrian R. Morgan
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Dear friends,

I am engaged in academic research regrading the viability of mounting a
specialist 'Model Steam Railway' trading house based in Melbourne Australia.
The site would offer fast turn around new, repair and replacement service and
would boast highly regarded external combustion experts. An online magazine
'Steam by Wire', education service and electronic shop floor is envisaged. I
would greatly appreciate correspondance from modellers in USA, UK and Australia
regarding this project. All ferro equinologists assisting this work will be
provided a copy of the study for their own interest. The study paper should be
of value to any serious modeller wishing to claim an income from his or her


Adrian Morgan

Please reply to Adrian Morgan - Model Steam Study

telephone +61 18 53 2793
facsimile +61 3 9827 7005