Oregon Field - Update on the Update

Oregon Field - Update on the Update

Post by Van F Moo » Fri, 18 Oct 1996 04:00:00


The county commishioners met this week, and the agenda included
ratification of the hearings officer decision that we could keep our
field with the conditions described in the last update.  When the topic
was addressed, the head of the county planning department indicated
that the officer made a bad judgement, and told the commissioners that
they should remand it back for re-consideration.  Legally, this cannot
be done.  If the commissioners do not agree with the decision, they can
over-rule, but there is no provision for remanding back.  Would you
believe that the commissioners bought off on the reccommendation?  Here
we have a planner (not a lawyer) telling the county commissioners (non
of which are lawyers) the the hearings officer/administrative law judge
(the only lawyer involved in the actual decision) did not understand
the law well enough to make an appropriate decision!  

The result.  We are in limbo.  We have neither a yes nor a no.  We have
no conditions.  We have an administrative law judge being intimidated
by the county commissioners in a manner contrary to the law of the
land.  The only good thing is it's so damn cold and wet that who wants
to fly anyway?

More of "As The Ailerons Roll" in the next installment from your
correspondant at the Salem R/C Pilots Association.

Van Moore