R/C Flight Unlimited - URL Change

R/C Flight Unlimited - URL Change

Post by Howard Sulliv » Sat, 24 Oct 1998 04:00:00

The URL for R/C Flight Unlimited has changed again.  It is still part
of the RCOnline community but is on a different server.  The new
address is:


This should be the last change for a long time, at least I hope it is.
Nothing else has changed.  All of the links have be checked and the
broken links corrected.  Hopefully, this has been a successful move
that will be advantageous to all concerned.

By the way, I have some new kit reviews that I will be posting soon.
I am shooting for 100 kit reviews by the end of the year.  Anyone
interested in writing a review can look at some of the existing
reviews and the Submission Outline to get an idea of what is expected.



Howard Sullivan

"R/C Flight Unlimited"