Follow Up: AMA Ins Claim

Follow Up: AMA Ins Claim

Post by Terrantu » Sun, 21 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Hi all,

Several of you have expressed interest in knowing how I made out with a
claim against the AMA for damage to my car when another modeler flew into

Well, after two months, AMA finally paid the claim. They disallowed paying
for the airplane and  they also refused to pay for a rental car while mine
was in the shop. They took the lowest estimate, subtracted the $250
deductible, and sent me a check for the balance. They left it to me to
collect the deductible. (Remember that it was another modeler who hit my

Seems like about the lowest level of service the law will allow, but at
least they eventually paid the basic claim. Also, remember that this was
at an uncontrolled flying site, so I guess it proves that you don't have
to flying at an AMA field to be covered.

Terry Gamble,
Phx, AZ