WTB Delta 12" Lathe Tailstock and Toolrest/Post

WTB Delta 12" Lathe Tailstock and Toolrest/Post

Post by Sam Solt » Thu, 04 Feb 1999 04:00:00

I teach industrial technology at a middle school. While bringing a couple of
junked "Penn State Scroll Saws" down to the school ba***t I found 3 wood
lathes. They all were missing their entire  tailstock  and toolrest/toolpost
parts as well as some other small parts (drive centers etc...).

Who and why they took just those parts... is a mystery.

I brought up the newest machine, a Delta 12" multispeed  lathe, and then called
my local Delta repair shop. Delta wants about $600 just for the tailstock

Does anyone have a used one? or can suggest a lower cost vendor or option?

I just got the 1999 Grizzly tools and machines catalog and noticed that their
12" lathe looks like a direct nock-off of the Delta. Would their parts work?
(their lathe new sells for about $700  so I guess that the parts would be less

Please write to me at the above address as I do not go on this NG that often..

Thanks in advance,

Sam Soltan