Signing wood bowls

Signing wood bowls

Post by John Luca » Wed, 13 Dec 2000 03:00:50

    I ran into the same problem especially with the ornaments I make out
of Walnuts.  I use a fine line marker and just put my initial and date
really small.  Then I include a card that is basically a business card
folded in half that has my name address phone and materials that the
ornament is made of.  Most people give these as gifts and want to know
the type of wood. John Lucas/ Tennessee


Signing wood bowls

Post by Arc » Wed, 13 Dec 2000 21:37:04

John L.    I'm away from home with just a mini-lathe and few tools and
want to make some ornaments for Christmas gifts. Using walnuts is new to
me, and sounds like a good idea. Is there a picture somewhere or would
you describe your ornaments and technique?
        Arch   Near Tallahassee, Fla. USA



Signing wood bowls

Post by John Luca » Wed, 13 Dec 2000 23:11:38

   sorry don't have any pictures that I can easily put on the web.  I do
2 things.  One is to simply glue it to a wasteblock and turn  it.  Each
one is different so you have to play with the shape.  I like to only
partially turn it so you still have  some of the dark grooves left on.  
   The other technique is a lot better.  Glue the walnut to a s***
piece and cut off 1/4 or so slabs on the bandsaw.  punch out the meat
and then add finials.  because the drill bit wants to wander I grind a
slight depression with a round bit in my dremel where I want to drill
the hole.  Then I drill a 3/32 hole.  Now I turn a finial with a 3/32
tenon and glue it in.  On the other end I drill a .026 hole with my
dremel and insert a gold earring fob that I straighten and cut short.  
      Another technique that works great is to fill the space left my
the meat with colored epoxy or Inlace.  Black Inlace with red or
turqoise chips looks really great.  Set the nut on a piece of wax paper
and pour the Inlace in, overfilling slightly.  Sand it flush after it
dries and you have a beautiful ornament even without the finial.  John
Lucas /Tennessee


Signing wood bowls

Post by cindy droz » Sun, 17 Dec 2000 06:31:57

Hi James,

I would like to get a pyrography tip that does signatures well, as I have
had difficulty with everything I have tried. What is the
brand/model#/source for what you use? I have a Detail Master burning tool.

Thank you!

boulder, CO


Signing wood bowls

Post by James Gayd » Sun, 17 Dec 2000 23:56:05

Hi Cindy, I'm using a Detail Master III,the Dagger model. The tips that
I use are, #18K6A this one is like a rounded end pen tip and #18K6B this
is a caligraphy tip.
I got them from Woodcraft, Parkersburg, WV store. They cost $24.99 each
,that was two years ago. I thought  they were a bit pricy,but I belive
they will last a good long time.

James Gaydos    
Ephrata,Pennsylvania  ( Lancaster,Co. )
AAW --
The South Central Pa Turners


Signing wood bowls

Post by Armin Hani » Mon, 18 Dec 2000 09:37:46

Pilot hightech point V5
I tried about everyone there is and that's the Best

Armin Hanik & Asuka Ikehara
The Flying Cow  Fine Woodcraft
Waipapa road
New Zealand

> What is the best ink pen to use for signing name on bottom of wood bowls
> turning and before finishing the  piece?  Gene Bue