This was pretty good. We need to revisit it.

This was pretty good. We need to revisit it.

Post by The Spirit of Fab » Thu, 30 Jan 2003 06:37:43

> I have induced spaulting in wood and it came about in the fowlling
> way.

  Yeah you are a real genius. Maybe the people at Nobel should look
into opening a new category.

 let me frist say that I live in the farest northwest cornor of

> Pennsvlvania on the shore of Lake Erie.
> This story starts back in April with a large quanitity of hard maple
> ,chain
> sawed turning blocks. The size ranged from 12 by 12 to 16 x16"and 32to
> 40/4.
> I was fearful they would check if not put under cover.
> My storage solution was to place them in a palet box, now not any
> regular box but a grape harvesting bin. These bins are meant to hold a
> ton of machine harvested grapes, they are regular palet box size ,
> four feet deep with a heavey plastic liner.There is also a plastic lid
> that can cover the box.
> I first placed turning blocks in bin, no end sealer of stickering, and
> let them set in a shaded spot outside all summer. The box was not air
> tight but very little if any rain got in eitherwiht the plastic lid in
> place.
>  I opened the box about two weeks ago and to my suprise there was a
> tremendoud amount of spaulting all the way through the turning blocks.
> These were unintended results, but what a plesant suprise , I now have
> a value added product.

 Who are you to usrurp God's authority. Spalting is the work of the
Lord and the Lord only. You should read the book Leviticus in the Old
Testsment. Here our holy father gives us explicit instructions on our
relationship with wood. I suggest you pay special attention to the
prohibitions against your preverted practice. Stop now and change your
wicked ways before you are damned to eternal hellfire. What is next
stem cell research and tree cloning. This is certainly what the future
holds for you.

> While many folks posibly can not replicate my situation, what cold be
> done with a plastic garbage can or some other small container?
> Tom Obourn
> Obourn Wood N` Wine

  Do not attempt to lead us down your chosen path to destruction.
  Wood N' Wine. I should have known. Read the verses on drunkeness

   Al Kyder