My Shop is almost (re)done

My Shop is almost (re)done

Post by WA5FD » Sat, 02 Jun 2007 02:55:08

> 6 Days of cleaning and organizing, I finally got the new lathe to fit
> in. Not well, but in. I built a tool holder for the lathe that mounts
> on the table behind the lathe and high enough to reach all my tools. I
> thenb moved the lathe near a wall and mounted the rest of the items I
> have on some pegboard behind it.

> After my wife asked a few questions about how I store stuff, I decided
> to ask all of you this question.

> How do you prefer to store your tools and accessories? Open racks
> (pegboard like)? Cabinets? Tool Boxes?

> I have found that I am not a big fan of  cabinets, tool boxes or tool
> bags. I like my tools out where I can see them and get to them
> quick.Not through need, but I seem to use the right tool for the right
> job more often and spend a little more time selecting the tool than I
> do looking for it. So, I have a LOT of pegboard and just a few
> cabinets, and my main cabinets are either open (no door) or have a
> glass door. Yewsterday I spent about 2 hours figuring out where to
> mount some of my  Pinnacle and Starrett measuring tools and now I am
> looking for an effective way to store some items like my Incra and
> Veritas gauges, dovetail gauges, marking gauges, enginners squares and
> one of those combination squares with 3 different level devices.

> I do have some drawers that I built that are under some of my larger
> tools, 3 drawers under my router tablke to hold router associated
> tools, under my high speed grinder for nothing since it is usless,
> under my carving table for carving wood storage, etc.

I like to use a roll around tool chest. You can put the tools you will
need for that project on top and store your other chucks and tools
inside away from the shavings and other such stuff. I made a wooden
top to sit on the chest with a slanted board on the back to hold my
live centers, drive centers and a couple of my most used chucks. I use
wall cabinets for the same reason. Everthing I have*** on the
wall collects lots of shavings and makes cleaning up a harder and
longer chore. Having seen a lot of other setups and tried many of them
myself this is what I find works best for me. Also I have a magnetic
strip*** above my lathe that holds the chuck keys, allen wrenchs,
and bars for removing the chucks.