Help With Finishes (Please Read)

Help With Finishes (Please Read)

Post by Bill Nobl » Wed, 17 Nov 1999 04:00:00

use any of the "pen finishes" - friction finishes that are
shellac based.  apply a VERY  THIN coat with the lathe
running, then put a coat of parafin wax over it - I like the
way that turns out.  But you need to get the wood underneath
so smooth that it is already shiny for best results.

> Hi,

> I just wanted to get an idea of some nice finishes that can
be used for
> things like pens,bowls etc.

> Also is it a good idea to use a finish like a lacquer on a
job while the
> lathe is going or is it better to finish it away from the

> Another question is say i was making a wodden mug or

something and i wanted
> to have liquids in it after it was made. What sort of finish
would i use???

> Anyway that is all for now
> thanx