FS: Toolemera Press Book list 6/98 pt 2

FS: Toolemera Press Book list 6/98 pt 2

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This listing is posted first to the Oldtools list and to my private email
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NOTE: I am now taking WANTS and SEARCH requests. If there is a particular
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Books and ephemera on tools and trades.... Prices (US) include postage.
International and Canadian customers please contact me to determine
shipping deferential. Please remember that I ship AFTER receipt of
payment, not upon receiving your email order. It usually takes two to
three weeks after the list is posted for all items to be shipped. If you
have any questions concerning an item, please contact me ASAP as a firm
order will take precedence over questions.

Paeyment: Once you have received confirmation of your order, please send
PRESS) to: Gary Roberts, 1077 South Street, Roslindale, MA 02131-2321
Abbreviations: (HC = hardcover, SC = softcover, DJ = dustjacket, Illus =
illustrated, pgs = total pages, CVR = cover, Ex Lib = ex library, Engs =
steel plate engravings, Half tone = early method of photo reproduction,
1904/1914 - first printing date/printing date of item for sale), First -
first edition
Books, continued

62. 3Lives of the Engineers, Vol 22. Samuel Smiles. New introduction by
L.T.C. Rolt. 1968 reprint of 1862 original. Unexpurgated edition. 6x9. 502
pgs. David & Charles, London, Publishers. Light fading of DJ spine, book
exc. Lives of John Smeaton, John Rennie and Thomas Telford. Price: $24.00

63. SOLD 3The Fabrication of USS Stainless Steels2 1939. United States
Steel. 6x9. 91 pgs. Semihard cvr. All around vg condition. Includes Lab
and property data at end. Price: $16.00

64. 3Brassfounders1 Alloys; A practical handbook containing many useful
tables, notes and data for the guidance of manufacturers and tradesmen;
together will several illustrations and descriptions of approved modern
methods and appliances for melting and mixing the alloys. 2 1909. John F.
Buchanan, brass founder. US imprint of 1901 British edition. Green clth
cvr with bright gilt lettering. Minor usage wear to cvr, interior exc.
Includes descriptions of furnace design. Price: $28.00

65. SOLD 3Model Making, including practice, design, and construction of
models.  A practical treatise for the amateur and professional mechanic,
giving instructions on the various processes and operations involved in
model making and the actual construction of numerous models, including
steam engines, speed boats, guns, locomotives, cranes, etc. Lathe work,
pattern work, electroplating, soft and hard soldering, grinding, drilling,
etc are also included. Edited by Raymond Francis Yates, editor of
?Everyday Engineering Magazine1. Second revised and enlarged edition,
reproductions of actual working models.2 1919/1929. 5.5x8.75, 428 pgs plus
catalog of Henley Pub titles. Bright red clth cvr with gilt illus of a
model steam engine. Average usage wear to cvr includes small hole in lower
rear spine. Front hinge loose but intact. Otherwise interior exc. Starts
with illustrations and description of a model makers home workshop. What
would we give for some of the foot and motor powered machinery pictured
there? Price: $48.00

66. 3The Modern House-Carpenter1s Companion and Builder1s Guide; Being a
hand book for workmen and a manual of reference for contrators and
builders; Rules for getting the lengths and finding the bevels for rafters
for pitch, hip, and valley roofs, the construction of french and mansard
roofs, several forms of trusses, stairs, splayes and circular work, etc.
Table of braces, sizes and weights of window sash, and frames for the
same; Table of board, plank and scantling measure, etc. Also information
for the convenience of builders and contractors in making estimates;
explanations of the uses of the various markings on rules and squares; the
slide rule, and how to use it1 strength of materials; and rules for
estimating the sizes of beams, columns, etc; and several plans for houses.
Making the most comprehensive work for the price yet published.Forty five
full plates. 2 1883. W. A. Sylvester, Boston, MA. 5x7.75. 210 pgs. Dark
green clth cvr, gilt lettering. Average usage wear to cvr. Front and rear
hinges loose but intact. (I can apply hinge tape if you would prefer)
Pages lightly yellowed but clear without foxing. Classic text for the
working carpenter of the late 19th C. Particularly nice section on the use
of the carpenters slide rule. Price: $48.00

67. 3Woodworking Tools at Shelburne Museum2. 1957. Frank Wildung. 6x9. 79
pgs. SC. One inch spine tear repaired with clear tape (not by me). A few
cvr creases, nothing serious. Some foxing of first page. Else g condition.
A very nice introduction to handtools as well as a pleasant read for the
seasoned collector. Price: $13.00

68. 3Patented Transitional and Metallic Planes In America 1827-19272.
Roger K. Smith. 1981. First. 9x11. 336 pgs. Dj chipped at upper edge. Else
exc throughout. Do I have to say anything about this title? Price: $75.00

69. 3Brindley at Wet Earth Colliery: An Engineering Study.2 A. G. Banks
and R. B. Schofield. 1968. 6x8.5. 156 pgs. Dj in mylar, minor edge wear.
Book vg. 3This book sets out to lift a corner of the veil by tracing the
origin and development of one of Brindley1s early assignments.2 Heavily
illust with photos of the remaining works, above ground and below,
diagrams, etc. Banks and Schofield repudiate Samuel Smiles1 account of
Brindley and assert their opinion. Price: $17.00

70. 2Les Arts de L1Ambeublement: La Menuiserie2 Paris, Libraire Ch.
Delagrave. Charles Havard. 5.5x8.5. 162 pgs. Light blue cloth cvr with
gilt lettering and illustration. Cvr bumped at edges, spine moderate wear,
a few small stains at edges. Interior vg. Gilt clear and bright. Cvr illus
of 17th C joiner at work. Honestly, the cvr illus alone is worth it. Of
course, if you don1t read French, this may be a little difficult to read.
Nice book on the Ebinistes. Fully illust. Price: $18.00

71. 3The ABC of the Steel Square and It1s Practical Uses2. Fred Hodgson.
1908. 4.25x7. 136 pgs. plus index and adverti***ts (Hodgson votes for
the Sargent square as his favorite). Embossed cvr, heavily worn but fully
intact... 50% silver gilt gone. Interior typically yellowed, without
foxing or wear. Price: $16.00

72. 3A Treatise on Masonry Construction.2 Ira Osborn Baker, B.S., C.E., D.
Eng1g. John Wiley & Sons. 1889/1909. 6x9. 745 pgs. Minor cvr wear at
edges, else vg all around. Concrete. Brick, Stone. Just what you need to
know about turn of the century heavy masonry construction. Illus. Price:

73. 3The Hartness Automatic Die2. Jones & Lamson Machine Company,
Springfield Vt. 1915. 6x9. 87 pgs. Minor cvr edge wear. Otherwise exc all
around. As titled, another in the Jones & Lamson series of PR books, this
one for their automatic thread cutting die. Fully illus and described.
Use, adjustment and cleaning or the Automatic Die. Price: $20.00

74. 3Hepplewhite Furniture Designs from the Cabinet-Maker and
Upholsterer1s Guide, 1794, with a preface by Ralph Edwards, F.S.A.. A.
Tiranti, London, publisher. 1947. 6x10. 80 pgs. Originally sold in a
Copehagen book store (I just thought that I would through that in... books
certainly do travel, don1t they?).Spine wear at tips and edges, cvr1s
better. Interior vg and clean. A particularly nice reprint of selected
engravings from Hepplewhite. Typical of British editions, the cuts are
clear and sharp. Chairs, sideboards, tables, bookcases, beds, chests, etc.
etc. Price: $28.00

75. 3The Manufacture of Leather.2 Hugh Bennett. Constable & Company LTD,
London / Van Nostrand, NY. 1919. 5.5x8.75. 420 pgs. Average usage wear to
cvr. Front hinge taped. Else vg. Bennett1s comprehensive review of the
nitty gritty of leather manufacture. Price: $25.00

76. 2A Manual of Steam Engineering; comprising instructions, suggestions
and illustrations for progressive steam engineers, concerning the
application to modern daily practice of the approved theory of steam
engineering.2 W. H. Wakeman. NY Belting & Packing Co, publishers. 1909.
3x5.5. 410 pgs. Semi-soft cvr. Clean and vg all around. A ton of
information in a little package. Price: $14.00

77. 3Grinding Practice; Typical machines and methods used in a wide
variety of work.2 Fred Colvin, Frank Stanley. 1937. 6.25x9.25. 310 pgs.
Exc condition all around. Price: $28.00

78. 3The Advanced Machinist; a practical and educational treatise, with
illustrations.2 William Rodgers. Theo. Audel, publishers. 1902/1903.
5.5x8.5. 334 pgs, plus Theo. Audel catalog supplement. Minor usage wear to
cvr, edges lightly bumped. Clean gilt edges. Interior vg. Heavily illus
with charts and engravings of machinery and tools. Very nice copy of this
title. Price: $38.00

79. 3Drilling and Surface Practice; drilling, reaming, tapping, planing,
shaping, slotting, milling and broaching.2 Fred Colvin. 1936. 6.25x9.25.
431 pgs. Minor surface soil on cvr, page edges finger smudged, front and
rear papers finger smudged, else vg. Price: $34.00

80. SOLD 3Annual of Scientific Discovery: or, Year-Book of facts in
science and art for 1857. Exhibiting the most important discoveries and
improvements in machanics, useful arts, natural philosophy, chemistry,
astronomy, meteorology, zoology, botany, mineralogy, geology, geography,
antiquities, etc together with a list of recent scientific publications: a
classified list of patents; obituaries of eminent scientific men; notes on
the progress of science during the year 1856, etc.2 Edited by David Wells.
1857. 5x8. 406 pgs. Cvr has average usage wear for this vol. Gilt
lettering faded. Hinges intact. Spine worn top and bottom, clth split at
top and bottom edges. A few foxing spots here and there but overall vg
interior. Price: $14.00

81. SOLD 3Scientific Industries Explained; Showing how some of the
important articles of commerce are made.2 Alexander Watt. 1881. UK. 5x7.5.
203 pgs. Average usage wear to cvr, edges bumped. A little interior foxing
here and there. Else vg. Interesting descriptions of various aspects of
metallurgy (smelting, gilding watch parts, fusible alloys, etc), brewing,
fireworks (a particularly comprehensive section... the author must have
liked fireworks), photography, glass, soapr, varnish, and many other
topics. Even if you are not up on your high school chemistry, this is
still an interesting read. Price: $29.00

82.. 3How to make baskets.2 Mary White. 1901. Ex Lib. 4.75x7.5. 194 pgs.
Lib rebound in blue cloth. Exc condition with bookplate on inside front
and Lib check out list in rear. Nice book on basketry, includes raffia
mats, covers, handles, work baskets. chair***, oval baskets, finishing
techniques. Price: $12.00

84. 3Practical Notes for the Watchmaker; The spring and it1s barrel,
calculation relating to gears, the escapement, the regulation.2 G. A.
Berner, Director of the Horological School of Bienne, Switzerland. 1948.
6x8.5. 262 pgs. 22 pgs of ads. Paper over cardboard hard cvrs. Vg
condition throughout. Even pages in French, Odd pages in English. Take
your pick. $24.00

85. 3The Art and Science of Carpentry Made Easy; or, The Science and Art
of Framing on a new and improved system with specific instructions for
building balloon frames, barn frames, mill frames, warehouses, church
spires, etc., comprising also a system of Bridge Building; with bills,
estimates of cost and valuable tables, illustrated by forty four plates
and near two hundred figures, second edition, enlarged and improved.2
William Bell. 1894. 6.75x10.25. 152 pgs. Cvr worn but fully intact. Gilt
lettering clean and intact. A little damp staining on upper edges of pages
in first half of book. Book slightly bent at edgs... must have been left
sitting on top of a smaller book. This can be fixed by placing book in
between two pieces of ply and applying pressure for a few weeks (I can
give you more details). Around 35 pgs devoted to bridge wooden bridge
building. Need I tell you how hard it is to find books describing wooden
bridges? Price: $85.00

86. 3The Pirotechnia of Vannoccio Biringuccio.2 Edited by Derek Price.
3Biringuccio1s Pirotechnia is the earlist printed work to cover the whole
field of metallurgy2. 1959 reprint of the 16th Century original. Basic
Books. Inc. Publishers. 7.5x10.75. 476 pgs, includes extensive
introductory notes by editor. No DJ. Cvr vg with a few light shelf marks.
Interior exc. Before you read De Re Metallica, you should read this text.
Price: $62.00

87. SOLD 3Tool Steel Simplified; revised edition.2 Frank Palmer, George
Luerssen. 1937/1948. 6x9.25. 564 pgs. DJ frayed at edges. Book exc
throughout. Price: $24.00

88. 3Billings & Spencer: Always Have Been Good: 42nd Edition2 Catalog
1939-1940. 5.25x7. 176 pgs. Spiral bound, cardboard cvr. Minor edge soil.
Overall vg condition. The full line of B&S drop forged tools. Includes
Coes and Bemis & Call Wrenches. Even includes a B&S Timber Scribe. An
interesting catalog for the wrench collector. Price: $28.00

89. "Stanley Rafter and Framing Squares" 1954 pocket instruction booklet.
3.25x6.25. 45pgs. SB. Excellent condition. Price: $10.00

90. 3Lufkin Precision Tools Catalog No. 92. 5.5x7.75. 256 pgs. Cvr clean
and bright, a few minor soil spots, interior exc. Price: $24.00

91. 3Net Price List Applying to Our 1898 Catalogue2. The Reliable Electric
MFG. Co., 86 Foster Street, Worcester, Mass. Single sheet 5.25x11.5 folded
once. Price list of early telephone equipment. Folded twice. A few minor
creases and surface soil. Not illustrated. Price: $3.00

92, 3Measuring Tools, Calipers, Dividers, Surface Gages, Micrometer
Measuring Instruments. Third Edition. Machinery1s Reference Book No. 212
pub by Machinery 1910. Excerpts from the trade magazine Machinery. SB.
6x9. 48 pgs. Cvr soiled and partially loose. Interior very good. Illus
with halftone and steel plate. Price: $10.00

93. "Atlas Woodworking Power Tools" 1954. 8.5x11. 31 pgs. SB.Tools for the
home or small pro shop. Excellent condition. Price: $15.00.

94. 3Morse Twist Drill & Machine Co. High Speed & CArbon Drills, Reamers,
Cutters, Taps, Dies, Etc No. 632. C. 1927. 5x7. 295 pgs plus 32 pg
supplement of charts and diagrams. Includes the Morse patented drill
indexed circular case. Many illustrations of tool cases, both individual
and large hardware store versions. Average usage wear. Cvr clean. Interior
vg. Price: $22.00

95. 3Starrett Catalog No. 26A... for New Tools see Pages 282-3332. 1953.
SB. 5x7. 334 pgs.  Cvr shows minor wear at spine and edges. Rear cvr and
pages slightly damp wrinkled. Otherwise VG. Shocking red and yellow art
deco cover. Contains red discontinued stamps thoughout. Price: $24.00

96. 3Pettingell-Andrews Company; Condensed Catalog No. 22 Electrical
Merchandise2. Boston, MA 1922. 4.5x8.5. 720 pgs. Minor usage wear to cvr.
Interior vg. Everything in electricity from linemen1s tools, light and
heavy electrical contractors supplies, lighting, stoves, irons, Klein
Tools, you name it. Price: $22.00

97. 3File Filosophy, twentieth edition, being a brief account of the
history, manufacture, variety and uses of files in general.2. 1956.
Nicholson File Company. 6x9. 50 pgs. SC. Exc condition throughout. Price:

98. 3Zeiss: Appareils pour la Microphotographie2 Carl Zeiss, Jena. 1926
7x10. 113 pgs. In French. Stiff paper over cardboard cover. Moderate
foxing front and rear papers, here and there throughout body. Cover has
average usage wear and soil. All the apparatus you would have needed for
19201s state of the art Photomicrography. Price: $68.00

99. 3Zeiss Mikrophotographische Apparate - Katalog Auszug 19262. Carl
Zeiss, Jena. 7x10.  12 pgs. Paper bound booklet in German (I thought that
I should give equal time to another language). Moderate foxing, light
usage wear, else solid and intact. Short companion to the French version.
Price: $25.00

100. 3New Departure Hand Book; vol II; tables, formulae, bearing
principles, load computation, bearing installation.2 1951. 6x8.75. 232
pgs. Semi-soft cvr. Spiral bound. Minor usage wear, edges usage rubbed.
Else vg. The handbook for those who have lost their bearings (Sorry,
couldn1t resist). Price: $18.00

101. 3Gates Fan Belt & Radiator Hose Guide.2 1937. 4.5x6.5. 120 pgs. SC.
Average usage wear and light surface soil. Interior vg. Passenger cars,
Trucks and Buses, Tractors and Combines, Air compressors, Valve refacers,
Water pumps, etc. Don1t throw away your DeSoto... here is the listing for
a new fan belt. I can1t quarantee that you will be able to find a Gates
belt at your local store... Price: $12.00

102. "Starrett Catalog No. 26".  SB., 288 pgs. Hvy cvr soil, cvr split top
and bottom of spine. Interior has a few light stains and wrinkled back.
Price: $14.00.

103. 3Greenfield Tap and Die Small Tools Catalog No. 32.2 1932. 5x7.25.
381 pgs. SC. Cvr illus worn. Some light usage soil along edges. Taps and
dies to your hearts content. Nice chart in the front showing the
acquisition history of the GTD Co. Price: $14.00

104. "Disston Saw, Tool and File Manual...How to choose and use tools for
longer tool life... Fight Waste". January 1952. Includes the mailing
envelope that reads "A Disston Gift for you. With a red print bow and
cartoons of Grandpa, Dad and Sonny. All very good condition with exception
of envelope flap stuck to corner of manual leaving a little piece of
paper. Price: $20.00

105. 3Lufkin Precision Tools Catalog No. 72. Also stamped CE McCormick,
Phila PA. SB. C 19401s. 5.25x8. 128 pgs. This catalog has one star to
either side of the Catalog No. 7 label. Saginaw MI plant on frontispiece.
Minor normal cvr wear. Interior vg. Price: $22.00

106. 3Lufkin Precision Tools Catalog No. 72. C 19401s. 5.25x8. 144 pgs.
This catalog has no star to either side of the Catalog No. 7 label.
Saginaw MI plant on frontispiece. VG condition throughout. Price: $24.00

106A. 3Disston Handbook on Saws2 1907. Cardboard cvrs. 5.75x9.25. 207 pgs.
Tan Cvr and some interior pages stained with what looks like carbon from a
stove. A little dog eared and usual shelf wear. The whole shebang about
Disston lumbering equipment..If you1ve never seen this one, check out the
half tones of the factory workers. Price: $38.00

107. SOLD 3Popular Mechanics Shop Notes for 1917, Vol XIII2.Paperback PM
compendium of their Shop Notes forum. 6.5x9.5. 215 pgs, VG condition
throughout. Typical yellowing of newsprint pages. Price:$ 12.00

108. " Wm H. Gallison Engineers' Specialities. 36 Oliver St. Boston, MA".
1891. 3.5x6.5. 95 pgs. Cvr water stained and missing a few small pieces
here and there. Inerior pages damp stained at edges and wrinkled. Steam
engineer trade catalog that seems to have seen use in a damp environment
(steam?). Planimeters. wrenches, fixtures, packing, valves, oil cans, etc.
What the discerning steam engineer needed to do business. Price: $15.00

109. 3Lufkin Precision Tools Catalog No. 8.2 C.1950? 5.5x7.5. 160 pgs. SC.
Average usage wear to cvr, minor scuffs.  Interior vg. Price: $18.00

110. 3Lufkin Precision Tools Catalog No. 72. No stars on this cover.
Michigan and Canadian plants shown. Includes flyer announcing the 3New
Lufkin Vernier Height Gage Series no. 8002 and another for the 3Universal
Dial Test Indicator No. 399A2 . 5.5x7.5. 144 pgs... pages labeled T1, T2,
etc. Exc condition throughout. Price: $18.00

111. 3Lufkin Precision Tools Catalog No. 72. No stars on this cover.
Michigan plant only shown. 5.5x7.5. 128 pgs... Moderate usage wear. Price:

112. 3Sawology; being a brief account of the history, manufacture, variety
and uses of saws for the cutting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, hard
plastics and ***, wood and other dense materials... a useful handbook
and guide for the shop superintendent, production foreman, mechanic or
home craftsman.2 1959. The Nicholson File Company. 5.25x8.5. 34 pgs. SC.
Exc condition. All about hacksaw blades and metal cutting bandsaw blades.
A nice little booklet that is surprisingly hard to find. Price: $10.00

113. 3How to get the most out of your farm workshop.2 19401s. Delta
Manufacturing Co. SC. 6.9. 40 pgs. Some minor damp sticking of pages,
otherwise good. Need to make a cattle stanchion? Price: $5.00

114. 3Johns-Manville Railroad Supplies Catalog No. 252.. Asbestos,
Magnesia and Electrical Railroad Supplies2. 1911. 6x9. 342 pgs. Great
illust on cvr of Train in black. Average usage wear to cvr. Label on
spine. Interior exc. A hazardoud materials lovers dream catalog. Even
includes an oak toilet seat cover (what that has to do with asbestos, I
don1t know.) Packing, insulation, railroad car and depot construction
materials, etc.. Profusely illustrated with halftones and mechanical
cutaway drawings of railroad cars. Price: $68.00

Some reprints had been mailed to the association member. Blank white
labels have been placed over the orginal white mailing label in order to
preserve their privacy.
115.2The Stanley Rule and Level Company2 1909 catalog No.102. Roger K.
Smith 1977 reprint. SB. 8.75x6. 127 pgs. Vg condition throughout Price:

116. 3Stanley No. 171 Door Trim Plane2 instructions. unkown reprint date.
Original C. 1900. photocopy, 3 fold opens to 6x11. Excellent condition.
Price: $3.00

117. "Steel Carpenter's Squares, Eagle Square Manufacturing Co.,South
Shaftsbury, Vt." Undated.  MWTC-A reprint July, 1991. 31 pgs, 4" x 7.74".
Stanley bought the controlling interest in the Eagle Square Co in 1916,
thereby sequering the carpenters square market. This catalog predates the
Stanley involvement.  Excellent condition. Price: $8.00

118. 3Stanley Tools catalog No. 1102. Roger K. Smith 1984 reprint of 1911
catalog. SB. 9x11.25. 61 pgs. Pressure crease in front cvr, otherwise very
good condition. Price: $16.00

119. "Zenith Tools and Cutlery: Marshall-Wells Hdwre. Co." MWTCA 1987
reprint of the C 1910 full line catalog. SC. 6x8.5. 138 pgs. Excellent
condition througout. Pricd: $12.00

120. SOLD "Belcher Brothers & Sons Price List of Boxwood & Ivory Rules...
Measuring Tapes, Thermometers, Sandpaper, Steel Squares, Braces and Bits,
Gauges, Spokeshaves, Try-Squares, Bemis' Cast Steel Goods, &c. 1860". Ken
Roberts 1982 reprint of 1860 original. SC. 5.5x8.5 44 pgs includes
author's commentary. Excellent condition. Price: $10.00

121. SOLD "Millers Falls Company Hardware Manufacturers, 1887." Ken
Roberts 1981 reprint of 1887 catalog. SC 5.5x8.5. 72 pages includes
author's commentary and additional advertising. Finger smudges on cvr,
otherwise vg condition throughout. Price: $13.00

122. "Mechanics Hand Tools: PEXTO: The Peck Stow & Wilcox Company Catalog
No. 26T for Carpenters, Machinists, Electricians, Tinsmiths, Etc." Roger
K. Smith 1981 reprint of 1927 original. SC. 5x7. 95 pgs. VG condition
throughout. Price: $11.00

123. "E. C. Stearns & Co, Syracuse, NY Hardware" Roger K. Smith 1977
reprint of the 1924 tools and hardware catalog. 6x9. 88 pgs. SC Vg
condition throughout. Price: $12.00

124. 3The Russell Jennings Mfg. Co. Price List; patent augers and
extention lip auger bits. Deep River, Conn., USA2. Ken Robderts. 1981
reprint of the c. 1899 original. 11x7. 32 pgs includes supplementary
material. SC. Vg condition. Price: $15.00

125. SOLD 3Rayl1s Wood-Workers Tools, Catalog No. 21, Detroit, Michigan.2
Roger K. Smith reprint 1976 of 1905 original. 6x9. 290 pgs. SC. Cvr has
moderate shelf wear, interior exc. Price: $18.00

126. 3Sandusky Tool Company Catalog No. 25.2 Ken Roberts 1978 reprint of
the last Sandusky catalog of 1925. 5.5x8.5. 72 pgs. VG condition. Price:

127. 3A.G. Peck & Co. Axes and Edge Tools.2 Ken Roberts 1980 reprint of
1891 original. 5.5x8.5. 36 pgs. Exc condition. Price: $9.00

128. SOLD 3Lang & Jacobs. Headquarters for Coopers Supplies and Cooperage
Stock. Catalogue and Price List.2 Undated Early Trades and Crafts Society
reprint of 1884 original. 4.75x8. 24 pgs. Exc condition. A hard to find
reprint. Price: $12.00

129. 3Millers Falls Catalog, 1978.2 Phil Whitby1s excellent reprint is
back again. 4.25x7. 48 pgs. Bright pink cvr with full gilt lettering and
illus. NOTE: I have a few copies of this catalog in stock. Price: $9.00

130. 3The Lufkin Rule Co., Excerpts from trade catalogs, 1888 to 19402 Ken
Roberts 1983 reprint. 5.5x8.5. 72 pgs. Exc condition. Price: $13.00

131. Joh. Weiss & Sohn, Werkzeugrafbrik in Wien, Ausgrabe 1909.2 EAIA,
MWTCA 1980 reprint of the 1909 original. 8.5x11. approx 110 pgs. vg
condition. Price: $18.00

Gary Roberts
The Toolemera Press

Boston, MA