FS: Toolemera Press Langdon Mitre Box

FS: Toolemera Press Langdon Mitre Box

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Each Toolemera Press offering is a quality photocopy of an original
oldtools related catalog, book, ephemera or periodical.  I try to
reproduce the original with matching colored paper, in as close to the
original size, layout and binding as possible.  If there are any variations
from the original, I will describe them.  Most offerings will be folded and
stapled, either through the fold line or along the edge (if the original
was tied with string or some other fastener).

I am currently projecting a two week turn around. If there will be a
greater than normal delay, I will inform one and all.  Each copy will be
marked Toolemera Press and dated.

Pricing for Toolemera Press offerings will be based upon variables that
include, but are not limited to: original purchase price, materials cost,
mailing cost, duplication requirements and binding.

Ordering information:

Press in the subject field.  Put your full name, email address and
preferred mailing address in the body text. It is especially important to
provide me with your preferred mailing address.  Indicate the title(s) and
quantity that you are ordering.

I will ship your order upon receipt of payment.  Checks or money orders are
cheerfully accepted. Send payment to:

Gary Roberts
1077 South Street
Roslindale, MA 02131-2321

International purchasers please note (including Canada and Mexico):

International buyers should specify method of payment.  After I receive
your email order, I will contact you if there will be a substantial
difference in shipping costs.

January 1997 Toolemera Press:

Title: Langdon Mitre Box Co. price list, Mitre Box Directions, Mitre Box
parts card, Mitre Box price tag and Envelope.

Price: $5.55, postage included (except for International Customers)

Date: Appearance is turn of the century.  No date on any of these items
other than Patent date noted for the Langdon Mitre Box (February 27, 1883).
Unfortunately I have not had time to thoroughly research the dating of this

Description: The original set came in a 6 1/2" x 3 3/4" brown envelope
through which a string was punched, presumably to so as to tie the set to
the Mitre Box for display. I have reproduced each piece to size; the Price
list on cream colored 20lb paper; the Mitre Box Directions and Parts List
each on separate pieces of white 67lb card stock; the price tag and
envelope are on opposing sides of one piece of white 67lb card stock.

The Price list includes plates, descriptions and prices for each of the
tools sold by the Langdon Mitre Box Co., C. C. Rogers, President, Geo. E.
Rogers, Treasurer, Millers Falls, Mass, USA. It is approximately 13" x 5
1/2" and is a 3 fold list:

The Rogers Mitre Planer
The Perfection Jointer Gauge
The Star Mitre Box
The Langdon Mitre Box
The New Langdon Mitre Box
The New Langdon Improved Mitre Box

The Langdon Mitre Box Co. Directions includes directions for the Langdon,
New Langdon and Improved Langdon Mitre Boxes.  It is a 1 fold prochure,
approximately 3 1/2" x 5 1/2" when closed.

The Langdon Mitre Box Co. parts list for the Langdon, New Langdon and New
Langdon Improved Mitre Boxes is a single 3 1/2" x 5 1/2" card with plates
and parts listed on each side.

The price tag  is an unpriced Dennison tag for the Mitre box. The envelope
is 3 1/2" x 5 1/2" with printing on one side only. (note: these two items
are reproduced on opposing sides of one piece of card stock.  The cost of
duplicating actual tags and envelopes was too high to warrant... there was
a 500 piece minimum order!)

Note that all pieces have a hole punched through one corner for string. The
hole has been closed over as much as possible.  You will see a slight mar
in each piece that does not detract from the overall appearance and does
not block any pertinent details. This reproduced set is cut to size and
folded as in the originals.


Back issues available:

The Charles E. Little Tool Catalog (c. 1880 -1883) for $8.50, postage included.
(there are a few copies of this catalog left)

The Disston Pocket Catalog (c. 1901) for $7.00, postage included.

Happy New Year and my thanks for making Toolemera a successfull venture!

Gary Roberts

Boston, MA