FS: Toolemera Press Oct, Crosscut Saw Sharpening

FS: Toolemera Press Oct, Crosscut Saw Sharpening

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Sept 1997 Toolemera Press.

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me know.)

Each Toolemera Press reproduction is a high quality photocopy of an
original tool related catalog, book, periodical or piece of ephemera.  The
reproduction is made with matching paper, in as close to the original
size, layout and binding as possible.  Any variations from the original
will be described.  Each copy will be marked Toolemera Press and dated.
Each Toolemera Press issue will be shipped within two weeks upon receipt
of your check. International purchasers please note (including Canada and
Mexico): International Money Orders or US currency preferred.  After I
receive your email order, I will contact you if there is a substantial
difference in mailing costs.

Dealer inquiries invited.  I can supply some titles in quantity at discount
for resale.  Resellers are requested to sell at original price.

Ordering information:

Toolemera Press in the subject field.  Please include your full name,
email address and preferred mailing address. Indicate the title(s) and
quantity that you are ordering.

Checks or money orders are cheerfully accepted. Send payment to:

Gary Roberts
1077 South Street
Roslindale, MA 02131-2321

Title #1: "Instructions for the use of Simonds Crescent Saw Tools". C.
1930. Instruction sheet for the use of the Simonds #340 lumber cross cut
saw tool, the Simonds setting stake, the Simonds Spring Set and the
Simonds Setting/Swaging Hammer. Text illustrated with steelplate

8.5" x 11" single page reproduced on blue paper as in the original.

Title #2: "Atkins Excelsior Saw Tool No. 5". C. 1916. Instruction sheet
for the use of the Atkins No.5 Excelsior Saw Tool, a combined cross cut
saw Jointer, Raker Tooth Gauge and Side File. Includes instructions for
use of Setting Block and Set Gauge. Text illustrated with steelplate

5.25" x 13.75" single page reproduced on yellow paper as in the original.

Price for both including postage: $4.00

Back issues available (please email for descriptive listing):

1. Disston Pocket catalog C. 1901. Price: $7.00
2. Langdon Mitre Box set C. 1900. Price: $5.55
3. Bartholomew Brace pocket catalog C. 1900. Price: $7.00
4. "Yankee" Fine Mechanics Tools and "Yankee - Handyman" Household Tools.
No. 15 Dealers Costs - Suggested Retail Prices. Temporary Catalog. January,
15, 1947. Price: $4.00
5. "Suggestions On The Care Of Saws By C. C. Taintor, Inventor Of The
Taintor Saw Set". Taintor Mfg. Company, 113 Chambers Street, New York. 1908
Price: $7.00
6. "Stanley Improved Labor Saving Carpenters' Tools including
'Bailey Adjustable Planes' ". Stanley Rule & Level Co. New Britain, Conn.,
U.S.A. Price: $6.00.
7. "Catalogue and Price List of Genuine D. R. Barton Edge Tools made
only by Mack Tool Co., Inc, 100 Brown's Race, Rochester, N.Y. (DR Barton
stamp), All tools of our make are stamped as above. We do not make tools
with special brands for anyone. September 1st, 1922". Price: $8.00
8.  "Emmert Vises, Illustrated Facts", published by The Emmert Manfg. Co.,
Waynesboro, PA." C. 1901. Price: $6.00
9. "Buck Bros. Edge tool catalog." 1894, Price: $6.00

Gary Roberts
The Toolemera Press

Boston, MA


FS: Toolemera Press Oct, Crosscut Saw Sharpening

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I would very much like to recieve your mailings!

Ben Rock
Pleasant St. Machinery
205 Industrial Drive
DeKalb Il. 60115