Wood list with Colours of wood

Wood list with Colours of wood

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> Hello all,
>     A while ago someone asked if I could post a list of all the woods I've
> turned and their matching colours so here it is.  The colours are as I see
> them in the specific piece(s) that I have turned from that wood.
> Thanks
> John Bryant

> A
> Accia           yellow
> Alder brown
> Apple brown
> Ash, Swamp brown
> Ash, White light brown to white
> B
> Banksia Nut brown
> Basswood light brown
> Beech, Domestic pinkish brown
> Beech, Domestic Spalted pinkish brown with black streaks
> Birch, Yellow light brown
> Birch Burl, Yellow light brown
> Birch, White pinkish
> Black Lima light brown with dark brown streaks
> Blackwood, African black
> ***wood red
> Bocote, Mexican black and light brown
> Boxwood, European light brown
> Bubinga orange brown
> Butternut light brown
> C
> Catalpa light brown with dark brown streaks
> Cedar, Aeromatic pink
> Cedar, Western Red pinkish brown
> Cedar Burl, Western Red white, brown and green
> Chestnut, Sweet    medium brown and white
> Cherry, Black    orange brown
> Cherry Burl, Black    orange brown
> Cocobolo     dark red with black streaks
> D
> E
> African Ebony    black
> Madagascar Ebony   black and medium brown streaks
> F
> Douglas Fur     orange
> Douglas Fur Burl    orange with dark burl figure
> G
> Goldfield Burl    medium brown
> Goncalo Alves    reddish brown
> H
> I
> Imbuya     brown like walnut
> J
> K
> L
> Lignum Vitae    green
> M
> Mahogany, Brazilian   red
> Manzonia Root    red
> Maple, Ambrosia    light brown with darker brown streaks
> Maple, Bigleaf    pinkish
> Maple, Birdseye    blonde
> Maple Burl, Bigleaf    tan
> Maple, Curly     blonde
> Maple, Hard     blonde
> Maple Burl, Hard    blonde and sometimes dark
> Maple, Manitoba/Box Elder  blonde
> Maple Burl, Manitoba/Box Elder  blonde and sometimes pink streaks
> Maple, Soft     blonde and sometimes pink streaks
> Maple, Spalted    black and white and tan
> Muikui      pink with flecks of white
> Mulberry     yellow
> Myrtle, Oregon    medium brown with black lines
> N
> O
> Oak, Red     tan (medium brown)
> Oak, Curly Red    tan (medium brown)
> Oak, White     medium brown
> Oak Burl, White    dark brown like walnut
> White Oak, Spalted    black and white
> Olivewood, Spanish    green and brown strips
> Osage Orange    yellow
> P
> Padauk, African    bright orange to red
> Pau Armarillo    yellow
> Pau Rosa     red orange combination
> Pine Burl, Red    blonde
> Pine, White     blonde
> Pink Ivory     pink
> Poplar, American    green
> Purpleheart     purple
> Q
> R
> Rosewood, Amazon   very dark shade of purple
> Rosewood, East Indian   dark brown mixture
> Rosewood, Honduras   mixture of dark and light browns
> S
> Snakewood     a redish brown and black
> Sumac     mixture of green strips
> Sycamore, English Curly   blonde
> T
> Teak      brown
> Tulipwood     pink and orange
> U
> V
> Vera      mixture of green strips (looks like sumac)
> W
> Walnut, Black    dark brown
> Walnut, Oregon    dark brown with some black streaks
> Wenge striped black and brown
> Willow, Black pinky brown
> X
> Y
> Yellowheart yellow
> Z
> Zebrawood brown with black streaks
> Zircote black with brown

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Hi John-I was the one that requested the list,and thanks a million.Put this up
for the news group to see how much good will and help there is available.Good
health and good turning-Murray---