Royal Ontario Museum

Royal Ontario Museum

Post by Will » Mon, 07 Mar 2005 01:24:52

Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum has a fantastic display of furniture of
European Design. Everything from Marquetry to inlay work (metal and
wood), gold leaf decorative work etc. They also have a turned chair in
the "English" display.  I only saw half the furniture display - my feet
gave out. However I will go back with a high resolution digital camera -
not the 3MP one we had.

There are also European and Egyptian antiquities a display on art in the
Muslim world etc. etc. A lot of tile and inlay work...

If you can't find the web site I will put a link on my Links page shortly

This is well worth the invested time for viewing inspirational works.

Wear comfortable shoes and clothes. If you enjoy woodworking, turning,
sculpture art and metalworking you will probably not wish to leave.

Also had a chance to visit Curry's art store in downtown Toronto
recently - their link is now on the page... They have a lot of stuff
that may be of interest to woodworkers -- some very hard to find stuff.
Pretty good prices from what I saw. Link on my page as well.

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