lathe wood finish

lathe wood finish

Post by Don » Sun, 21 Nov 1999 04:00:00

Hi all:

Need some help from the experts on wood finishes.
I'm rebuilding a Delta/Rockwell lathe about 1956 model 1460.
This lathe is cast iron with legs. Between the legs are two wooden
shelves. Top one the bed is bolted too, bottom one is for leg support and can
be used for storage.
(these shelves are really beautiful fir, tight grain, you just don't find wood
like this anymore and they
are 1 1/2" thick, 53" long and 10" wide)

I'm trying to decide what to refinish these shelves with? Perhaps someone could
use their
experience with their tabletop models with what they finished off their tables

What is the best thing to put on these shelves? I'd like to stain them with a
medium walnut stain for
color but what is best thing to put on top of that for durability and will not
be harmed by anything I
may use on turned pieces while they are still chucked up in lathe.

I'm sure there isn't one perfect finish but what are your thoughts on Watco
Danish Oil and then covering
that with Varathane Diamond Finish? I've never used it, but that's what the
Watco label says to use on
top. Is this Diamond finish really hard as the name indicates based on the
above concern with other
stains or finishes coming into contact with it from lathe work?

At present, I have some Watco Natural but thinking about buying some Watco with
color in it. Is this
what you would do or would you use Minwax stain (for example) and then the
Watco Oil or is that
mixture a mistake.

Appreciate all opinions.



lathe wood finish

Post by scott swag » Sun, 21 Nov 1999 04:00:00

Good find, Don.  Most of us put sand bags on the bottom self and piles
of wood shavings.  Save the good finishes for the items you produce from
the lathe. What ever works for you. Good luck