apple sediment

apple sediment

Post by Tommy Kuce » Wed, 06 Mar 1996 04:00:00


> I made my first batch of apple wine late last fall and have discovered
> that half of each demi-john is full of sediment. It is a very fine
> sediment that will not filter very well without immediately clogging up.
> Does anyone have any experience with apple wine that could give me some
> pointers?

      I guess someone has to be the first to ask:  Did you use pectic
enzyme?  Did you use enough pectic enzyme?
      I guess you could try draining it all through a large jelly bag (heavyduty
fine weave unbleached cotton sack) although that will take forever.  Or
wait a while longer to see if the sediment settles any more.  Other
particiapnts in this group will probably have better suggestions than I do
for dealing with a really thick layer of sediment.
     In any case, I've made apple and crabapple wine and cider over the
last two years and it has all clarified quickly and beautifully.   But I
do use good quantities of pectic enzyme.  I understand that
pectin-in-*** produces an awful haze that doesn't settle out well.
Fortunately, i can't confirm this from personal experience.

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