Your Ultimate Wine Connection

Your Ultimate Wine Connection

Post by Scott Bakalo » Fri, 25 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Hello from the WineMaster!

Haven't seen Wine.Com lately, haven't seen it ever then you need to
point your browser to
                Your Ultimate wine connection

We have message boards to post you wine questions to, links, a live and
just upgraded online auction system, webring for other wine webmasters,
calendar of wine events, and all the wine info you ever wanted.

Our current auction house includes the following items for bidding:

           ITEM                                                ENDS ON
1 Magnum 1991 Dominus                            10/15/1998 8:00 PM
 12 bottles of Australian Chardonnay            10/15/1998 8:00 PM
 12 Bottles of Zinfandel                                 10/15/1998 8:00
 Mix Case of Ports and Tokay                      10/15/1998 8:00 PM
 1 Case of Shiraz from Australia                    10/15/1998 8:00 PM
Antique Corkscrew from England                  10/15/1998 8:00 PM
 Wooden Bottle Stopper                               10/15/1998 8:00 PM
A Tour of Napa Valley and Lunch for 4         10/15/1998 0:11 AM
 A Tour of Sonoma Valley and Lunch for 4    10/15/1998 0:10 AM