Check My Strawberry Wine Plans

Check My Strawberry Wine Plans

Post by Jeff Cu » Sat, 06 Oct 2001 02:30:07

Well, I now have about 3.25 gallons of half thawed pure crushed
strawberries in the primary.

 I added 2lbs of sugar to help pull out the juice & a heaping 1/4tsp of
sulfite & stirred 'em in as well as I could.

 I plan to let it sit for 24 hours, strain off some juice & test the SG
& TA, make additions of sugar, acid blend, pectic enzyme & tannin, make
a starter with Lalvin RC 212 (worked well on last batch), add yeast
energizer to the primary & pitch when it's bubbling good (probably after
another 24 hours).

 I figure I'll end up with close to 4 gal in the primary after all the

 Sound like I've got a good plan to start with?