welches grape juice

welches grape juice

Post by Fran » Wed, 14 Aug 2002 09:59:54

I have made Welches 100% grape juice (concord grape) into wine and it
turned out fine, quite foxy (grapey tasting) but a lot like Mogen
David kosher wine,and I sweetend it with half a cup of sugar once done
fermenting. Perhaps next time I might add a whole cup of white sugar.
Added a touch of acid blend too, plus a touch of yeast nutrient. Was
done fermenting in about 2 weeks. Please note: I used a whole package
of yeast and it was too mch for the 2liter batch I made, as it started
going all over the kitchen counter once fermeantation started. Next
time, half a pack of yeast for 2 liters!!!!!!!!

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> > Heat.  About 80-84% of the moisture is removed.

> Sorry, I was commenting on the concentrates.  The juice is steam
> extracted and pasteurized.

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welches grape juice

Post by NoSpa » Thu, 15 Aug 2002 07:59:38

What is your recipe for Weches and elderberries?


> If you would like a fine table wine with character, add 3 lbs
> elderberries to the primary with the Welches. ( For 5 gals.)
> Tim