recipe wanted, conference pear

recipe wanted, conference pear

Post by Gary Smit » Fri, 24 Aug 2001 03:40:04

I've got several pounds of pears on the way, any recipes out there?

How would I make pear schnappps?

thanks for your time


recipe wanted, conference pear

Post by Jack Kell » Fri, 24 Aug 2001 11:16:45

Gary, this is a winemaking newsgroup.  We can help you with pear wine.
 But schnapps?  You've got to find a distilling group for that....

Go to and scroll down.
There are several pear wine recipes listed under the name of the type
pear, but not the "Conference Pear."  I've just never had any to work
with, although it is an old English cultivar.  As I recall, it is
medium sized but can be large, longish and gourd-like in shape,
yellowish, smooth skin with russett, and pale flesh with a pinkish
tint and very sweet.  It probably compares with Flemish in sweetness,
although I think the Conference is softer fleshed and more "melting"
in the mouth.  Still, you might want to look at the Flemish Pear
recipe and see if it fits.

Jack Keller, The Winemaking Home Page