Please answer my entertainment questions!

Please answer my entertainment questions!

Post by Michelle H. Saub » Mon, 01 May 1995 04:00:00

Hi everyone! I'm a grad student at Northwestern, trying to find some
insight into how people fit entertainment into their lives. If you could
take a second to answer my 5 key questions, I would be extrememly
appreciative & I'll forward the results to anyone interested! Thanks so
much for your help!

1. The basic infor: What is your age, where do you live, how long have
you lived there, what do you do for a living, married/single, kids?

2. How many nights a week or month do you go out? How much do you typically
spend on entertainment, in a week/month? Where do you go these days--
bars, restaurants, movies, theater, musuems, live music, family outings,etc?

3. What drives you to go out? Hang out with friends, meet new people,
to become more cultured, etc?

4. How do you decide what to do for entertainment? Friends, coupon book,
newspaper, weekly alternative papers, etc. Do you feel you can find all
the info you need? Are you not sure where to look, or wish you could find
out more?

5. And finally, would you be interested in an entertainment service, where
you pay a yearly fee, and receive a hard-bound notebook initially (with
maps & important reference numbers) and each month, depending on the kind
of entertainment that YOU personally are interested in, you get a variety
of notecards to collect in this book. One card may describe a great new
Thai restaurant,(since you've indicated you love Thai food) & another
may describe this off-the-beaten-path blues bar. You essentially create
your own, unique entertainment source book. And a calendar of events will
be included in the mailing, letting you know of the timely events going
on in your city, such as concerts, festivals, art shows, etc.

Does a service like this seem relevant, or interesting to you?  What could
this service do that would make you interested in it? How much do you
think it's worth a year?

Thanks for taking the time to read this! Again, any insight you can provide
will be incredibly helpful! Just e-mail me back!

Michelle Sauber