Sweetening question

Sweetening question

Post by Sheryl Nance-Durs » Fri, 25 Sep 1998 04:00:00


> I just RTFM'ed the FAQ about ways of sweetening a wine.

> My situation is that I'm at the end of secondary fermentation, about 3 months
> since I first started the primary.  SG is 1.000, and I've racked three times
> (it's clearing nicely).

> I'd like it to be a bit sweeter, but am worried about the suggestion given
> about adding sugar in the FAQ:

> >>> B) Ferment your wine dry, then stabilize it with your sulphite and
> >>> sorbate, and add your clearing agent. Filter the wine. Then add a 2:1
> >>> sugar/water (or wine) syrup that contains sulphite and sorbate.

> Firstly, how much sulphite and sorbate?

Go by the manufacturer's directions on the packages.

> I've already cleared via finings a month ago, and it is clearing nicely on its
> own.  Should I skip another round with a clearing agent?

Don't worry about it.

> I don't have a filter, and am worried about what adding sugar to a wine that
> may still have a few yeast cells floating would do.  Won't this just ferment
> a bit more?

That's what the sorbate is for.  Using sorbate will prevent the yeast
from re-activating when you add the sugar.  Filtering is completely

> On a previous batch, I added maltose sugar, but it wouldn't stay in
> suspension.

> Is my solution to add a maltose solution?

Never used maltose, no comment.

Sheryl Nance-Durst