sorry folks (also Banana wine question..)

sorry folks (also Banana wine question..)

Post by Alan Dr » Fri, 27 May 1994 22:50:18

Sorry about this, something funny is going on with our news and I'm
not really very sure whats going on. A followup that I sent here didn't seem
to show up yet post to *.tst are Ok)

basically this is a test, again I apologise for bothering you.

BTW while I am here. I made a batch of Banana wine (only 2 gallons). It is
Crystal clear, it appears to have "almost" stopped fermenting (I suspect it's
going through a malo-lactic at the moment". It has an amazing body on it,
really really full, but.... If served ICE cold it is absolutely wonderfull
(not to dissimilar in fact from iced sherry), unfortunately if served any
warmer it has a very heavy background taste (its quite difficult to describe)
almost like a hint of liquorice, anybody got any clues as to what that may
be and/or how I avoid it in future. (I suspect I may have boiled the
bananas to vigourously in the first place)




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