Concentrate & Juice & Grapes

Concentrate & Juice & Grapes

Post by Pierre & Tara Brun » Sun, 02 Mar 2003 23:53:49

I have been making wine for the past 10 years utilizing at first,
concentrated juices and now having progressed to fresh must (5 gal) + fresh
must with grape skins (30 liters).

The must & must mixtures are purchased from Mosti Mondiale in Montreal
through a local retailer.  I have pretty much mastered intermediate and some
advanced techniques.

I wonder what the general groups experience dictates if I want to take this
to another level of "quality & perfection".

Are there better musts available?  If fresh grapes are recommended, how can
I guarantee the quality prior to purchase?

Looking forward to some interesting dialogue with some of you experts...Tom,
Lum, et al.