Recipe for Mead using Ginger & Orange Peel

Recipe for Mead using Ginger & Orange Peel

Post by Todd Robert Saulni » Mon, 12 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Note: this is a weak mead. for higher ***ic content add more honey

one pint honey
nine pints spring water
1 tsp rinsed ginger
1 tsp orange rind
1 pkg champaigne yeast or mead yeast

equipment: 6 qt pot, plastic bucket for primary, 1 gallon carboy

boil in a six quart pot for 1/2 hour while skimming foam
above 1 minute before finishing add ginger & orange rind
set mead aside in primary and leave until lukewarm.  add
yeast stirring well. leave for one week.  rack into
secondary and leave until cleared.  bottle & enjoy.

- Todd
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