New York City Homebrewer's Builg

New York City Homebrewer's Builg

Post by She Devil With A Rubber Chick » Thu, 15 Feb 2001 00:50:02

Well, the buyout of has provided yet another reason for
"redsomeone" to continue weeping copious tears of woe, and also
has caused me (redsomeotherone, the one who is not crying) to have
to step in and help out Phil by posting the following:

------------------------------- BOT --------------------------------

"The February meeting for the New York City
Guild will take place on Tuesday February 20th at
Brewski's at 7:30pm. Our guest speaker will be former
guild president, and now president and brewer at the
High Point Wheat Beer Company, Greg Zaccardi.

Guild elections will be held so your attendance will
be appreciated.  Dues will also be collected.  Also,
details regarding a pubcrawl at the end of the month
(and other important matters) will be discussed.

Bring your friends.  Bring your homebrew.  New
membersare always welcome."



visit the New York City Homebrewers Guild website:

-------------------------------- EOT -------------------------------

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