Kiwano fruit or horned melons

Kiwano fruit or horned melons

Post by Ghana M S N'd » Mon, 24 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Has anyone successfully made a pleasant wine from this fruit?

I've always found although it has a pleasing aroma: it taste like you would
imagine "Evo-Bond" to taste with undertone of paint-***.

My recipe consists of 6 Kiwano's, 2? lbs sugar, ? pt white grape
concentrate, 1 tsp Bentonite, 1 tsp pectic enzyme, 1 tsp yeast nutrient, ?
tsp tannin, 6mg vitamin B1 and 1 tsp citric acid.  I used a Hock type yeast
on 3 occasions and a Chablis type yeast on the last two.  On my first
attempt I pulped the fruit, added the remaining ingredients, fermented on
the pulp for 4 days, and then proceeded as you would any other.  On
subsequent attempts, I extracted the juice with a centrefugal juice
extractor.  I know that most melon wines are disgusting until they are a
couple of years old: but then they metamorphisise into nectar.  Kiwano,
however, remains unpleasant to the tongue but possesses quite a fruity
nose!! My current stock varies from 7 years old and poor, through to 2 years
old and poor.

Any suggestions welcome, thanks